Research platform

Shandong Vegetable Seed Engineering Technology Research Center relies on Huasheng Seed Group Co., Ltd., The center has a modern office building of 8,000 square meters, an intelligent greenhouse of 10,000 square meters, a breeding shed of 30,000 square meters, and a demonstration base of more than 200 acres. There are 125 scientific researchers. Among them, there are 40 senior professional title personnel, 41 intermediate professional title personnel, 19 doctoral students, 21 master students, and 33 undergraduate students. Since the establishment of the Engineering Technology Research Center, a large number of vegetable germplasm resources have been collected. At present, there are zucchini, cucumber, sweet pepper There are more than 10,000 germplasm materials for various types of vegetable crops such as , pepper and so on. More than 100 new vegetable varieties with independent intellectual property rights have been cultivated successively. Among them, "Black Whirlwind" round eggplant won the "Second Prize of Weifang Science and Technology Progress", and "Breeding and Promotion of New Eggplant Varieties in Protected Areas" won the "Weifang Science and Technology Award". "First Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation", more than 70 new vegetable varieties have been selected and bred, 6 varieties have passed the provincial approval, and 9 varieties have passed the national new plant approval, especially the zucchini hybrid breeding, pepper three-line breeding and cross breeding The breeding technology of male sterile line of flower family has reached the international advanced level.


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